About  Calcentrix

Calcentrix is a compact, cost-effective and efficient solution to scheduling and managing your employees. A concept that began with coordinating physicians within a group, matching differing skill sets with the differing needs of the clinic or hospital, has evolved into the versatile, online system we offer you today. We provide interfaces that are intuitive, flexible and simple. By making the products modular, you can subscribe to only those features that you need, when you need them. Our goal is to provide you with affordable and efficient tools to help you manage your business smoothly and successfully.

Manage few

Tiered pricing based on number of users.

Manage many

Delegate duties for maximum work efficiency


Design around the specific needs of your group.


Responsive pages so that you can bring your work wherever you take your smart phone.


"Other schedulers before me would spend an entire day or more creating the next month's sechedule. When I took over and used Calcentrix, I would complete the job in less than an hour."

"As a software developer I have found the Ticket system in Calcentrix to be the most efficient method of assigning and tracking code blocks."

"Keeping work conversations and files out of my personal files was my top priority. Calcentrix lets me do just that with ease."

Why Calcentrix

Cost Effective

Online management for rapid delivery and processing of office related data and information.


Selective views based on privilege assignments by the account owner.

Delegate Duties

Designate managers and schedulers for maximum efficiency.