Flexible Design

The Calcentrix scheduling system is flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of a department. Whether you are managing nurses, x-ray technologists, the surgical staff, laboratory personnel or the administrative department, Calcentrix you can define the coverage required in the schedule.

Useful feature. Managing a department in a large hospital means coordinating not only the regular employees, but often temporary workers, and subcontractors. Calcentrix makes it easy to add and remove members to the online access and, when the temporary worker is done, archive them limiting their access to the group account functions.

Regain control of the ever growing complexity of the project.

You may run a small operation with friends as co-workers, large development firm with numerous in-house employees, or perhaps you have a personal startup and are outsourcing the code. Software creation is one of the unusual fields where the complexity of assignments and tracking becomes more complex as your product develops. Calcentrix can handle the typical needs of organizing office processes while providing a robust ticket system for assignment management and tracking.

Useful feature. We provide a simple and easy to use method for you to delegate, assign, and track project components. The ticket generation and comment items are integrated with the Calcentrix message system. You can have text alerts sent to a member for those important ticket items that require immediate attention. Keep the details of the conversation out of personal email and text messages. Keep your code descriptions secure in Calcentrix.

Keep work separate from your personal life.

The restaurant industry reliably provides employment opportunities for young people who may have little prior work experience. That said, turnover of employees can be quite vigorous. The manager is responsible for keeping track of old and new employees, and for communicating shift assignments, changes and for dealing with those constant last minute staffing changes. The typical manager processes this information on their personal computer or mobile device. Calcentrix offers a better way.

Useful feature. Calcentrix stores the personal data of the employees and uses the mobile numbers saved to text the employee when there is an important message or issue. The details of that message are kept in Calcentrix, requiring the employee to login personally. The message responses are also kept in Calcentrix and outside of personal email and texts.

Let Calcentrix be your central resource

The typical startup starts with just one or a few people with an brilliant plan. Once past the hurdle of financing, the task of organization comes into focus.

Useful feature. Calcentrix is the perfect solution especially in the earler phases, coordinating staff, managing assignments and handling the typical and necessary office processes. Let our Forum Module be the reference repository for recurring questions, brainstorming, and development conversations.

Distributed management control

Teleradiology is big business in medicine made possible by the speed of the internet and the conversion to digital imaging. This has allowed these businesses to provide services to hospitals and clinics virtually anywhere in the world, and distribute imaging evaluation to remote reading sites as well. Calcentrix provides a clean and intuitive platform for schedulers to coordinate Physician assignments and for administrators to communicate with support staff and each other to make the most effective use of time.

Useful feature. The skill set module is particularly useful assuring full coverage of all the facilities’ requirements. Indicate which facilities and/or modalities that each physician is credentialed in and indicate which modalities are required for each facility. When the physicians are assigned to their designated shifts, use the coverage view to check that the facilities and required modalities are thoroughly covered each day.

Separate your business life from your personal life

Running a small retail business can be an enormous drain of your time. This makes your personal time even more important. Mixing business communications with your personal ones quickly blurs the distinction and sneaks up on your desperately deserved personal time. Calcentrix can help you separate the two.

Useful feature. Business communications can be kept in Calcentrix. You can mark those important messages that require immediate attention with an alert, and the recipient receives a text and email indicating that there is a message in Calcentrix for them. The conversation, along with the important information remains in the site and not as clutter in your mobile device.

Make your schedule more transparent to your clients

Busy personal trainers spend most of their time training which makes them less available for communication with other clients. Typical customer inquiries may be availability, changes in schedule and training questions. Having on online presence that shows availability and manages communications without having to set-up a web-site can be an enormous time saver and customer pleaser.

Useful feature. In Calcentrix you can invite your clients to be calendar members in the main calendar. They can see your availability and send requests for slots right in the messaging system. Use the messaging system to maintain all client communications instead of having disjointed messages and reminders spread between texts, email, and paper notes.

Coordinating managers as well as staff.

A hotel of any size will typically have multiple managers because of the 24/7/365 nature of the business. Coordinating staff then becomes the shared responsibility of multiple coordinators. In Calcentrix, managers can be designated as administrators and schedulers. By having the same roles, each will see all the staff calendar requests, vacation requests, and can share communications. This avoids the otherwise inevitable situation of a message left with one manager not conveyed to the next manager.

The Command Center for Your Needs

If you have a business that has an on-the-road sales-force, Calcentrix is the solution for you. It provides a central source for communication with administrative staff as well as other mobile members. It can be used to store and share files, track employee expenses, track and record sales and receipts, and manage staff compensation.

Idea. Use the main calendar to coordinate and assign sales regions or product assignments. The built in calendar request section can be used as a mini-messaging section to track and individual availabilities and locations to facilitate creation of teams. Use the skill sets section to track member assignments and product expertise.